Our logo represents the history of the city we live in. Before being officially joined together with Pest in 1873, our part of town, the lovely and aristocratic Buda was a city all of its own.

We are proud of our historic heritage and to give you a clear idea of where we are we chose to incorporate some of the landmarks closer to us in our logo.
Can you name all the landmarks from left to right?
- St. Gerard's Statue dedicated to the saintly bishop who came to convert pagans in the 15th century. According to the legend Gerard or "Gellèrt" (as we say in Hungarian) was pushed down from this very hill. It has been named after him ever since.
- Elisabeth Bridge, dedicated to the Queen of the Austria-Hungary Empire best known as Princess Sissi. This bridge is our connection to Pest and provides a super-fast way to reach the Inner City.
- The Tabàn Church (Officially St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish Church) built in the 18th century is one of only 2 buildings remaining from that era. It's a symbol of Buda and its green steeple can clearly be seen when looking over from Pest (which is the perspective we chose for our logo).
- Buda Castle and the Castle District are without a doubt some of the most recognizable monuments in Budapest. Just like the rest of our neighborhood, they've been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.
- The Chain Bridge is the symbol of the city. Google "Budapest images" and you'll find thousands of them with this historic landmark. Of all the bridges closing the gap between Buda and Pest, the Chain Bridge is the hands-down winner. We have a special connection to this bridge: Zoltan Bartha, the grandfather of BudaHome Apartments' founder Kati Ruotolo was one of the engineers in charge of rebuilding it after WWII.