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The Best Outdoor Cafes in Budapest

Budapest is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture. But it's also home to some of Hungary's best restaurants and cafes. It is the perfect way to soak up the city's sights and sounds, from hidden garden patios to rooftop bars, when you are staying at a nearby apartment rental.

We'll explore the best outdoor cafes and terraces in Budapest so that you can enjoy your drinks with a side of Budapest’s breeze! Ditch the Starbucks and get ready for a real taste of Budapest.


Delish Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Budapest

Budapest is known for its delicious Hungarian cuisine, which typically involves a lot of rich meat-focused dishes. However, the city has seen a surge in conscious eating, fueling the emergence of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in recent years. This is great news for those who prefer plant-based diets or are simply looking for lighter meal options.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan t raveling to Budapest and wondering where to find the best meat-free food options? Or maybe you just want to experience the region's finest farm to table dining!


The 13 Best Ruins Bars in Budapest

Budapest is famous for having some of the best nightlife in Central and Eastern Europe. You won't find a better way to let loose than with the city's ruin bar culture. Born from tragedy and transformed into icons, visiting one of these popular ruin pubs is one of the best ways to experience the real heart of Budapest.


The 20 Best Restaurants Budapest

Budapest is one of the most-visited cities in Europe, with an average of over four million tourists coming to the city every year. With so many people from around the world, restaurants in the area need to accommodate a wide array of travelers.


The Most Delicious Cheap Eats in Budapest

When we travel somewhere new, many of us are constantly looking for the most popular restaurants. It's even better when they're affordable! Finding great places to dine while traveling on a budget might be difficult sometimes, but believe it or not, the Hungarian capital's food scene is unprecedented.