What to Know About Sziget Festival 2023

Every August, one island north of Budapest draws over 100 nationalities to one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. Over the course of six days, Sziget Festival ("Sziget", pronounced 'see-get' and means "island" in Hungarian), Obuda island transforms into a musical and cultural paradise for festival lovers.

Find out everything you need to know for your visit to the Island of Freedom this August 10-15, 2023.

History of Sziget Festival

How did Budapest, Hungary end up hosting one of the biggest music festivals in Europe? Well, like anything, it started small. The first Sziget was hosted in 1993, and over the decades it's gained more and more international attention, visitors, and artists.

Now, for one week every August, Sziget takes over an entire island north of Budapest, giving festival-goers a chance to live, laugh, and love.

How to Get to Sziget Festival

Photo Credit: fotaxi_budapest via Instagram

Even though Sziget is on an island, it's actually quite accessible from Budapest.

Public transportation

Your journey will start on the Buda side where you can take the suburban railway, line five (H5) to Filatorigát. From there it's about a 15-minute walk to the entrance. Night buses run back into the city as well.


If you prefer a more direct route, you can order a taxi through Főtaxi or the Bolt Taxi App. The ride takes approximately 20 minutes from the city center, but take into account traffic and roads blocked off due to the festival. Try your best to order taxis from reputable services instead of just flagging one down. There are some who would take advantage of the influx of tourists that Sziget Festival brings to town.

Main Headliners of Sziget Festival 2023

The biggest music festival in Europe is drawing some of the biggest stars. In the past it’s hosted the likes of Mumford and Sons, Justin Bieber, and even Ed Sheeran. Some of the Sziget 2023 headliners are:

  • Billie Eilish
  • David Guetta
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Lorde

Find the full lineup here.

Aside from the big names, Sziget is a time to discover local and upcoming artists. The entire island is a musical buffet, with music from every genre imaginable. You might even leave with a new favorite artist!

Festival Activities

Photo Credit: interluxtravel via Instagram

You can find more than just music on the Island of Freedom. The Sziget schedule is jam-packed with community activities, so you can fill your days as well as your nights with fun. Who knows? You may even make some new friends!

Leave time to explore the circus, theater, museum quarter, beach, and much more. You can even get the chance to party on the Danube by adding on the Sziget boat party ticket!

Accommodation at Sziget

Most people choose to buy a day pass and stay at more comfortable accommodations in Budapest. There are options to buy more inclusive tickets that allow you to stay the entire 5 days at the venue.

There are multiple camping options depending on your comfort level and budget, from tents to cabins to glamping. Maybe you only have a day pass, or maybe you'd just prefer the comfort of a real bed (and air conditioning). Book sooner rather than later--accommodation during this time of the year sells out quickly!

Sziget Survival Tips

Download the App

Like we said, Sziget is a party on a huge scale, with a seemingly endless amount of activities, interest points, and of course, concerts. It's difficult to do it all! Download the festival app before you arrive so you can get familiar with the layout of the island and decide which concerts/activities are the most high-priority for you!

Pre-Budget Your Spending

When you get to Sziget, you'll be directed to find a top-up point so that you can load money onto a festival card. Going cashless is undoubtedly convenient, but it can also make it easy to lose track of spending.

We recommend that you go in with a number in mind, so that when you leave the Island of Freedom, you won't be leaving with a huge bill as well! Find a Festipay card at one of numerous points around the island!

Pack the Essentials

Bug spray, tissues, hand sanitizer will go a long way in making your stay more comfortable. Don’t be one of those festival-goers who comes unprepared. Plus—there’s no quicker way to grow your festival fam than to have a tissue when someone needs it!

Beware of Resellers

As you walk your way to the Island of Freedom, you'll likely see individuals lining the street, offering printed tickets for a last-minute resell. We know it can be tempting, especially if you're missing out on your favorite artist, but we have to say that the risk of getting scammed is just too high. And by the time you make it to the gates and find out that your QR code doesn't work, the reseller will have already disappeared with your money.

You’re Ready to Dance

Now that you know what to expect, who’s playing, and what the festival is all about, you’re ready to dance! The Island of Freedom is waiting for you this August at the Sziget Festival. Now all you have to do is decide--are you ready to become a Szitizen?