The 14 Best Cafes in Budapest to Work From

Are you thinking of visiting Hungary? If so, the Hungarian city of Budapest is one of the most beautiful places in the world to explore. Europe in general has a lot to offer but Budapest in particular has a rich history you’ll want to see for yourself.

A long time ago, the cities of Buda and Pest came together to form Budapest. Even though you probably want to explore everything this amazing city has to offer, you may have a difficult time planning your escape to the Danube because you might have a limited number of vacation days. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing coffee shops in Budapest from which to work.

Plus, there are great vacation home options so you won’t even need to work from a cramped hotel room but instead can spread out in a home of your own.

If you are looking for a delicious espresso or latte in a coffee house, what are a few of the top options in Budapest from which to choose? Even though you might enjoy the baristas at your local New York café, there are several amazing coffee shops in Budapest to explore as well.

Let’s dive right in and see some of the best coffee shops and best cafes in the area.

1. Espresso Embassy

Photo Credit: smiarf via Instagram

Without a doubt, one of the best coffee shops in the area is called Espresso Embassy. This was one of the first third-wave cafes to arrive in Budapest. The Embassy of Montenegro is right next door to this coffee shop, which is why it has the name it has. If you are looking for a delicious cappuccino, this is probably the place to go.

This is a quirky coffee shop that has an industrial design. It focuses on specialty coffee, and you can also purchase the coffee beans for yourself. The coffee is tasty, and it has a strong aromatic smell to it.

You can also grab a quick bite to eat at this location. There are several cakes and pastries on the menu, and you can enjoy some local favorites. Even though this is a popular coffee shop, it is also relatively quiet. Therefore, this is a great place to set up shop and do your work. Consider taking a closer look at Espresso Embassy if you are looking for a place to work during your time in Budapest.

2. Coffee Shop 64

If you are looking for a newer coffee shop in the area, you may want to check out Coffee Shop 64. The name simply comes from its street number, so it shouldn't be that hard to remember. This has become one of the most popular coffee shops in Budapest because they have a wide variety of ecologically certified coffees.

Of course, you cannot truly take advantage of everything this coffee shop has to offer but you definitely need to try some of their croissants. They are made fresh every day, and they will pair beautifully with whatever coffee you choose.

This is a great coffee shop to do your work because it is a small coffee shop with a cozy, friendly atmosphere. At the same time, because it is so small, you may want to show up early if you want to make sure to get a table. If you are looking for a no fuss coffee shop to do your work during the day, consider swinging by Coffee Shop 64.

3. My Little Melbourne

You may also want to check out My Little Melbourne Coffee and Brew Bar. This is a fun coffee shop that has been open for about 10 years. It was one of the first specialty coffee shops in the local area, so it quickly became one of the most popular options. Now, there are numerous locations scattered around the city. If you walk down a busy street in Budapest, there is a good chance you will find one of these coffee shops.

Even though they have a lot of locations, one of the most popular ones is in the Jewish quarter. If you want to work at this location, you should try to arrive as early as possible. It can fill up quickly, and you might have a difficult time getting a spot. All of the coffee is delicious, and they have a few food items on the menu as well. You can also decide to work outside if you'd like.

4. Aztek Choxolat

If you are looking for a specialty location, you may want to check out Aztek Choxolat. This is a location that is known for its specialty chocolates, homemade sweets, and unique hot chocolate drinks. The amazing confectionery choices are unmatched. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect spot for you!

Sure, this is a restaurant that has coffee on the menu, but it is not necessarily known for its food. Given the relationship between coffee beans and cocoa beans, you may enjoy spending the day here working if you’d like to try something different to fuel your workflow.

If you decide to order coffee though, you can choose from both Arabica and Robusta blends. All of the drinks and food are made right there in the shop. The bistro has a very comfortable, homey feel to it, so you should feel at home if you want to do some work. There are large, comfortable armchairs that give you a beautiful view of the outdoors, so consider selecting one of those as your work location for the day.

5. Alexandra Book Café

If you are looking for a coffee shop that’s different from the rest with large chandeliers, then you may want to check out the Alexandra Book Café. The coffee shop is situated on the upper floor of the former Paris Department Store, so it could be the most beautiful coffee shop you have ever set foot inside. They have plenty of delicious coffee options on the menu, including a few Italian drinks.

As soon as you set foot inside, you will probably be floored by the beautiful frescoes on the ceiling. Many of them were designed by talented Hungarian artists from the 19th and 20th centuries, including Karoly Lotz. Some of her work can be found in other buildings in Hungary as well, although some were lost during World War II.

Even though the building is luxurious, all of the coffee and food is fairly priced. Therefore, you should have an easy time spending the day here if you want a place to do your work.

6. Praga Coffee & Tea

If you are looking for a 20th century coffee house to do your work, you should check out this trendy café. It has been open for a long time, and it is a favorite location among students, artists, and local professionals. Therefore, this is a great place for you to do your work and people watch. It has a vintage feel to it, the seats are comfortable, and you will hear plenty of people carrying on friendly conversations.

At the same time, this doesn't mean people are loud. It is still quiet enough for you to do your work.

If you want to stick around for the entire day, be sure to order a burger at lunch. One of the most popular options is the duck breast burger. The staff will be very attentive to your needs, so you should consider swinging by this coffee and tea house if you are looking for a place to do your work during the day.

7. Walzer Café

This is a unique café that has some colorful décor and a welcoming atmosphere. It is located just outside of the city center, and you can find it on the west side of the Danube River. The building itself is 700 years old, and it is situated in the castle district of Budapest. Therefore, this is a great place to enjoy some unique scenery while also getting your work done for the day.

The crowd at this coffee shop tends to come in waves. You will see people show up for breakfast, and then it will die off for a bit. Then, people will come back for lunch and afternoon breaks. If you want to take a break from your work while you’re here, you may want to check out the coloring station. They have plenty of utensils you can use to draw pictures!

Because this coffee shop is a bit quieter, this could be a good place for you to do your work. There are plenty of delicious sandwiches you can enjoy with your coffee during lunch. Consider checking out Buda Castle if you are in the area.

8. Zenit Café

Another option you may want to consider is the Zenit Café. You can find it located in the heart of the Jewish district, and all of the coffee is prepared from coffee beans that are lightly roasted. Therefore, if you are someone who tends to shy away from bitter coffee, you may have a better experience with the coffee from this coffee shop. They also serve their drinks in cute little glass cups that you will probably love.

The coffee shop is situated directly in front of a beautiful synagogue. Consider taking in the views as you enjoy your beverage. There are several food items on the menu as well. In particular, the toast with grilled Camembert is absolutely delicious.

If you are looking for an enjoyable coffee shop with a beautiful view, this could be the option for you.

9. Madal Cafe (Ferenciek Tere)

Madal is one of the most popular coffee chains in Budapest, and they have a number of popular locations. One of the most popular locations is near the Hungarian Parliament building. It is the biggest of this chain’s coffee shops, and it also has a relatively short line during its peak hours. It is located on Ferenciek Tere, and this location is known for being efficient.

Furthermore, there are a number of nooks and crannies located in the coffee shop. Therefore, you may have an easier time finding a private location to do your work. They have a wide variety of coffees from which to choose, and they have some seasonal harvest schedules. You may be able to try some unique seasonal coffees that you might not find anywhere else.

The decorating scheme is a bit eclectic, but you probably won't be bothered by it if you decide to do your work here. It is easy to find, and you may want to consider checking out a few of their other locations as well.

10. Budapest Baristas

Budapest Baristas is one of the most popular café and breakfast restaurants in Budapest. They serve a wide variety of bagels, including a few local favorites. Even though Budapest might not be known for its bagels in the same way that Montreal or New York are, their bagels are still very good. You may also want to try the eggs benedict, granola bars, or pancakes. There are lots of local favorites at this coffee shop you can try.

This is a coffee shop that has a few tables situated outside as well. Even though it might be a bit loud because you are located in the heart of downtown, this may still be a good place for you to set up shop to do some work.

It is a trendy coffee shop, and they have specialty coffee available. If you want to try something new, this might be the best place to go. Think about swinging by Budapest Baristas if you are looking for a coffee shop where you can work online.

11. Fekete Café

If you are looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown, then you may enjoy this 19th century coffee shop. It feels a bit like a courtyard, and they serve breakfast all day. This is a popular café that serves a wide variety of coffees and dishes, and you might explore some local favorites. For example, you may want to give the shakshuka a try. When you get tired of coffee, you have the option to switch over to some of their bottle craft beers.

If you are looking for a place to do your work, the courtyard could be the perfect spot. The courtyard is relatively quiet, so you should not be disturbed. Furthermore, this is a popular tourist destination, so you should plan on getting here early if you want a place to do your work. It is not unusual for people to spend hours waiting for a table on the weekend, but the weekdays are a bit lighter. Consider checking out this coffee shop if you are looking for a place to do your work or have brunch.

12. Czakó Kért

Czakó Kért is a small area filled with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and small shops located where Gellért Hill, Naphegy, and Tabán meet, right next to Hegyalja út. This is the oldest surviving building in Tabán and was once a vineyard house.

Since it’s not just one coffee shop but instead many different places to choose from, all under one roof, you’ll easily be able to find the environment that suits you and your work effortlessly. Whether you’d like to settle into work outside, inside, with a coffee, or a glass of wine, there’s a spot for you at Czakó Kért.

13. Café Déryné

Looking for something with a bit more of a classier environment? Opt to head to Café Déryné and work alongside the daily pianist that plays while patrons eat, drink, and quietly chat with their friends.

If you plan to stay for a while and work either before or after eating, I would first double check with your waiter that that’s ok. If it’s a busy day, they might prefer you don’t stay and hang out too long unless you continue to eat and drink throughout the day.

This is a popular place for A-listers to grab a bite so enjoy the people watching and the mega-chic environment.

14. Rojt es Bojt Kaveskuckó

Just down the street from Café Déryné on Kosciuszkó Tádé is Rojt es Bojt Kaveskuckó, a popular breakfast place for locals. Serving breakfast and coffee all day, it’s a great place to stop in for a bite or settle in for a day at work. It’s small and cozy though so either come early or after the breakfast rush to find a spot to work from.

This Castle District hotspot is a fantastic place to start your day, or spend your day. You’ll feel inspired by the simple yet homey atmosphere and after munching on one of their homemade pastries, I have a feeling you’ll be tempted to order another.

Find the Best Budapest Cafes in the Area

Regardless of whether you are on the Buda side or the Pest side, you shouldn't have a difficult time finding a coffee bar at which to do your work. The coffee scene in Budapest is amazing, and there is something for everyone.

You might want to enjoy a flat white cup of coffee, or you may be interested in coffee culture tied to the new wave. In addition to excellent coffee, many espresso bar establishments in the city offer unique, local Hungarian dishes you can pair with your beverages. You might even want to try a dobos tort cake for a special treat.

In addition to the fun coffee shops on this list, I’d suggest you check out a few ruin bars in the area after you finish work for the day. Don't forget to stroll down Dohany Utca in Budapest for some amazing scenery as well. There are plenty of coffee shops on this street you can check out.

Even though it might be difficult for you to get vacation time to visit amazing places such as Budapest or Vienna, there are plenty of amazing coffee shops in Budapest where you can easily explore the digital nomad lifestyle while in the city.

That way, you can experience another culture, bask in the history of Hungary, and still stay up-to-date on everything you have to do.